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Sidabrinė Pačiūža

Established in 1995, “Sidabrinė Pačiūža” Figure Skating Club is located in the city of Vilnius, Lithuania. Led by the esteemed Club President and Main Coach, Miroslava Zacharevich, our club is here to cheer on aspiring figure skaters, supporting their dreams with enthusiasm and joy.

Blending tradition and innovation, “Sidabrinė Pačiūža” is open to skaters of all levels. We provide a supportive community for skill development and personal growth, maintaining our commitment to excellence beyond the rink. In this environment, dreams gracefully unfold on the ice.

We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive training programs that encompass choreography, dance, stretching, and expert coaching in various sports disciplines. Our diverse classes provide a well-rounded figure skating experience, ensuring our members flourish not only in technical proficiency but also in artistic expression.

Our Mission

At “Sidabrinė Pačiūža”, our mission is to cultivate a love for figure skating and guide the growth of young talents, and also create a space where every skater flourishes, excelling not only in figure skating but also in personal development.

Our enthusiastic athletes don’t just participate in local and international competitions and summer camps in Lithuania and beyond – they also win in prestigious international competitions and actively participate in ISU Grand Prix tournaments. These accomplishments not only showcase their outstanding talents but also elevate the profile of figure skating on the global stage.

Our coaches

Miroslava Zacharevich

Get to know Miroslava Zacharevich, the heart and soul of our figure skating club at "Sidabrinė Pačiūža". Serving as both Club President and main coach, Miroslava brings almost 30 years of experience, passion, and a friendly touch to each skating session. Her commitment to guiding skaters and creating a welcoming community defines the essence of our figure skating journey.

Why Choose Us

28 years of Experience

Learn from the expertise of coach Miroslava Zacharevich, who brings 28 years of experience in youth sports.

Variety of classes

includes choreography, dance, sports, and gymnastics, providing a well-rounded opportunity for every enthusiast.

Proven Success

Be part of a successful club with an 28-year track record in figure skating.

Friendly Community

Join a welcoming group where skaters of all levels feel at home.

What's more?

Grow not just in skating but also as an individual with a focus on teamwork and discipline
Personal Growth
Join fellow skaters of your age group (from 3 y.o. to adults), fostering new friendships and creating a supportive community within the club.
Connect with Peers
Gear up for competitions and take your performance to new heights with specialized training designed to elevate your skills and confidence on the ice.
Performance Opportunities


Contact Us


  •    Email:
  •    Phone: Club President Miroslava Zacharevich +370 613 08113
  •    Administrator Olesia Kuznecova +370 656 56864